Our Story


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our site and explore our coffee options.  We love coffee and we love conversation that comes with a fresh cup and friends.  Our story starts in my birthplace and hometown of Charleston, South Carolina where I’m a career firefighter.  In my 18-year career in Charleston, I’ve been blessed to come through the ranks in every uniformed rank from firefighter to my current position of Assistant Chief.  However, this journey has been different than most.  Unfortunately, Charleston experienced a traumatic incident on June 18, 2007, where 9 firefighters perished in a furniture store.  Being on the scene that night changed me forever.  I had difficulties coping with the loss of 9 great men and the struggles that I had that night operating the fire engine as the pump operator.  I was lost and confused of what to do.  It weighed heavy on me and unfortunately, I turned to prescription drugs, alcohol, and mixed martial arts fighting to cope.  It was not a good choice.  I pushed away family and friends as I tried to figure all of this out.  Thankfully, I had an awakening moment after a professional mixed martial arts fight against Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competitor Houston “The Assassin” Alexander.  My eyes were swollen shut for three days and I laid in bed thinking about that fateful day in 2007 and what I had done since then.  I quickly realized that I had not helped remember those 9 great men nor honored their legacy in the right way.  So, I set out on a journey of education and to manage my post-traumatic stress with counseling.  I wanted to feel better.  I wanted to be better.  I wanted to make sure an incident like this never happened again.  I then went back to school and completed my Master’s Degree in Executive Fire Service Leadership and enrolled in a Doctoral Program where I graduated in 2013 with a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Organizational Development.  It was life changing.  I then set out On A Mission to teach what I had learned from these difficult experiences.  Since my Mission started 10 years ago, I've been blessed to travel to 44 states and 3 countries working with over 800 organizations and 200,000 plus people to help improve their leadership, organizational and personal development, resiliency, and mental health awareness. 

During this time, I became enamored with custom coffee and the experience that it gives you when you have that first sip.  I tried so many coffees I lost track.  Over time it grew into posting photos of me drinking different types of coffee on my social media each time I spoke at an organization.  I began thinking.  I've been very blessed to drink coffee in so many states and countries that I wanted to share this experience with those who may not have the chance to travel as much as they would like.  So, On A Mission Coffee was born.  An idea inspired by a passion that I've had while traveling internationally hoping to help others grow. 

So why is our coffee a great choice to add to your coffee collection?  We have partnered with roasters in California and Chicago to offer coffee that’s roasted and shipped the same day.  It doesn't sit in a warehouse or on a shelf waiting to be purchased.  No fancy packaging either.  Just the freshest small batch coffee shipped to you within 5-7 business days.  We have over 40 different options of coffee including 16 blends, 12 flavored coffees, and 12 single source coffees from 15 different countries.  It's more expensive than your regular coffee because it's specialty coffee custom made for your order.  

Please take a few minutes and explore our site to see if any of our products fit into your coffee experience.  We truly hope you enjoy it and return to try all of our different options.  Stay safe out there, take care of each other, and remember, life is a journey and a mission.  On A Mission Coffee is here to help you fuel that mission, whatever it may be. 

If you're interested in learning more about Our Mission, please visit drdavidgriffin.com for a list of all of our travels and the work we continue to do to improve the lives of others both personally and professionally.